Cost of Roller Shutters

There are many factors to consider when evaluating the value and Cost of roller shutters in Perth.  Here’s our top seven considerations.


1. Size and position of window

The size (Width and Height) is one of the biggest factors when determining the cost of roller shutters. That’s why we pay particular attention when we measure your windows.   We’ll also check the position of every window to determine to cost of installation. Some windows on upper levels/ second story, may require scaffolding for our full-time installers to gain access.

2. Which Colour?

Standard colours are the most affordable. Powder coating affects the cost but gives you the flexibility to match colour  schemes.

3. Manual, Electric or Remote?

Our customers prefer our range of electric roller shutters, they are the easiest to operate. We have manual roller shutters available too.

4. Where they are made?

We manufacture all our Roller Shutters in our factory in Malaga. So we haven’t got far to transport them. We’re proud that our company provides local jobs. When considering the cost of roller shutters, consider where they are made and how much of the cost is in freight.

5. What’s the Quality of components?

Our roller shutters are made using entirely European components. We made this decision after many years of testing and customer feedback. The cost of roller shutters using strong reliable european motors and components is very competitive.

6. How good is the Warranty?

Weigh up the cost of repairs and maintenance of your roller shutters over the long term. We build our roller shutters to last years and years and we are so confident of our manufacturing and installation processes that we offer a Lifetime Warranty. Compare that with other suppliers when making your buying decision. Our Roller Shutters are factory backed.

7. Are there hidden costs?

For large companies, large Sales Team salaries and Sub-Contractor services may need to be built into the cost of roller shutters.

At Shutterguard, we have our installers on staff and you deal direct with the owner, so we can keep the costs down.




When you deal with the best you’ll get the best.

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • All European Motors

  • Higher Quality End Cap

  • Metal Base Plate

  • 5 Efficient Power rated Motors to choose from

  • Low profile Pelment Box

  • German designed Shutter Curtain

  • Quieter precision manufacture

Our latest range of All European Roller Shutters are not only 20% stronger but with our new factory in Malaga, we can offer them at a very very competitive price!

Read our Buying Guide to compare our features.

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